The debate on Scanian

Alex Schulman is a well-known columnist for Aftonbladet and in Paragraph SE. He wrote a post on his blog 2007-07-03 “To talk of Skåne is to vomit a little.” It is an extremely outbreak of the Scanian dialect. He thinks it sounds as if someone vomits. He stresses twice that it is “not a joke. Seriously.”

Particularly interesting is perhaps the etnifierade story, he also draws. He says he is thus being “convinced that urskåningen, the first man who ever put his spade into the soil of Skåne 2000 years ago or so, was a cp. Solidly retarded, that is. And he urskåning taught their children to talk to the weird , retarded way, and the children learned in turn their children to do the same. and in the end, it was the norm. Today vomit the whole county. ”

The last bit should, in my opinion, been able to provide a measure of the Attorney General (JK) for incitement to racial hatred or similar. It was not just the present day language that stood in the firing line without a historical narrative of an ethnic group or something similar. JK declines, however, the matter because “there was no breach of pressure or freedom of expression” (“Okay cold Scanian dialect wretch,” Sydvenskan, 2007-08-23).

Many have commented on Schulman’s blog. Right now there are over 600 posts. It is interesting to read these posts. First, many comments like “Haha hate skåne!” “Can not help but agree. Skåne for the Danes,” “Haha, agrees to the fullest!” and “Have just finished a cavalcade of screaming laughter. My lungs are probably blue from lack of oxygen. More Alex, more ….”

Then comes a more creative phase when people try to put on even more hatred against the Scanian and Scanians: “You have, of course, absolutely right. Ironing would they have, they where Scanians”, “Scanians should stick to any WiFi-only Scanians where everyone understands each other. the Internet is solely for everyone else. “” for the common good and the good taste – it’s not okay to tell your spy-Skåne. it is directly rude. I’m glad you brought it up Schulman. “” Stockholm has a completely different -högre- level of tolerance towards ‘immigrants’ than you Skåne village fools have. It teaches you to experience when you come here, themselves immigrants from you inbred dunghill. ”

And so will Scanians and apologize: “Certainly there is almost incomprehensible Skåne, but do not pull everyone together .. most have an understandable Skåne.”, “Can not more than agree with, myself as Skåning have received subtitle myself ever since my move to Jönköping. Very tough and nothing that I neither own choosing or feel comfortable with. Nah ugh why not born dumb, “” but I agree with you that Roland Andersson talking a mushy version of Scanian, but it do not all “and” Being from Skåne and can to some extent agree that sometimes it may sound strange when we talk. ”

At the end of posts – from the second half anyway – they have more forthright Scanians found there and then 19 of 20 people cursed at Schulman and locals with the aforementioned attitudes. The former “Hahaha, you are so funny, Schulman” -inläggen disappear almost completely. Perhaps more after all got something to think about in even the angry counter-shank.

I think the blog post and comments will be an interesting testimony to how society basically still looks. We see the most extreme expressions of what many think and feel at home at the kitchen table. This is not the first time I read this kind of “debates”. I created once a so-called news group on the Internet for Scania and soon it became overrun with people who came there and would spew his bile over Skåne. They picked among themselves point to be the worst. I believe that tolerance for others must be included in the school’s work and social debate on a broader way. It must not only apply to a few selected areas.